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15 Minute Consultation

To really understand what your current situation is and how I can assist you, I offer a complimentary 15 Consultation. Face to face, over the phone or using Skype - we will discuss the services I offer, how I work and what you need. 


Whether you are looking to get a head start at parenthood, are tired of sleepless nights or you've tried everything to get your child to sleep and just do not know what to do- I have a solution for you.


Check out the plans below to find the right fit for your situation.


This plan is for expectant parents wanting to get it right from the beginning.  This is a training plan that can be implemented from day one and up to 10 weeks old, to give your child the best possible start to developing healthy sleeping habits. ​


Our most popular option for assisting your Child into a consistent sleep routine. Proven results show just why with parents reporting their Child has slept up to a solid 12 hours just within the first week of introducing their plan!


Are you exhausted, desperate for a decent night's sleep and not sure what else you can do? The S.O.S plan is very similar to the master plan but offers additional support, for both you and your child to ensure you both get a good nights sleep. ​


This plan is for those who are worried that when it comes to starting the plan, they will need a bit of additional support. I will be with you to assist with bedtime on night 1 of the plan and stay until your child is asleep. 


This plan is great for the parents who are worried that in the middle of the night, it will all go sideways, as I will be there with you every time your child wakes to advise what to do.


Sometimes for a variety of reasons, our children’s sleep can take a step backwards.  These options are for families I have previously worked with, who have encountered new sleep challenges and just need a bit more guidance to get things back on track.


Do you employ parents?  Does sleep deprivation impact on their ability to function at work?  If so then I can help you to help them.  I offer packages that can be purchased by employers as part of well being and maternity packages.

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