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About The Independent Child Sleep Expert

The Independent Child Sleep much more than sleep!


When I embarked on the journey of parenthood, I knew that sleepless nights were going to be a factor, it’s what you expect...right?  But I figured it can’t the THAT bad, or people wouldn’t have more than one child, would they? 


What I totally underestimated about sleep deprivation was the impact it would have on other areas of

my life and on other people around me.  It was so much more than just needing sleep for me. 

I couldn’t function as a human being let alone a parent (which we all know requires superpowers!)

If I had known then, what I know now, everything could have been so different. 

Sleep deprivation cost me not only sleep but relationships, time, money and my own health, both

physical and mental.


Entering parenthood, we all have ideas about the type of parent we want to be; what our child will or will not do, eat, watch etc.  We romanticise what is possibly the hardest job in the world and often give little thought to a contingency if it doesn’t go the way we planned.  We just manage the best we can, which isn’t always enough.



There is no right or wrong way to parent, no magic answers to achieving “Super-Mum or Super-Dad status” and sometimes sleep deprivation can make us feel like we are failing to achieve any of our parenting goals. This is where I can help. With my range of sleep solutions, together we can find the right way to get your life back on track without compromising the type of parent you want to be.

Teaching your child to be independent is something you will do throughout their lives.  You will teach them to feed themselves independently, move around independently, use the toilet independently and when the time comes, live independently, so why should sleep be any different?

I have over 15 years experience of working with individuals and their families, in both the public and private sectors, helping them set achievable and realistic goals and support them in that process, to help them achieve a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. 

I have always been passionate about helping others, and when I taught my own son to sleep independently, well, it was life changing and something that I wish I had done sooner.

I believe that with the right support and a clear goal, anything is possible, which is why the independent child sleep expert can help with so much more than sleep.

Becky x

Becky Goman

The Independent Child Sleep Expert

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