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Corporate Packages


If you employ staff who have young children, perhaps female staff going on maternity leave or new fathers returning to work in the first few of their baby's life, then they are likely to be tired.  Research suggests that 76% of young children have sleep issues and this can significantly impact on a parent's ability to function at work.

Sleep deprivation can lead to staff being 50% less productive in the workplace and as employers, you could help them to improve their work life balance and feel more rested by offering one of my packages as part of a well being package.  These can be tailor made to fit individuals or groups, depending on your companies need.

Sleep deprivation also significantly lowers the immune systems of parents and their children, meaning that working parents who have children with sleep issues are more likely to have days absent from work due to ill health or the ill health of their child.

Employees who feel more supported by their employer are more likely to give more in the workplace.

If your company is interested in finding out more then please get in touch and find out  what I can do to help you to help them.

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