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“Having a clingy, breastfed and co-sleeping baby, I would never believe this could work, but it DOES. I used to spend my evenings up and down the stairs responding to my baby and sometimes not bothering to attempt to sneak back downstairs. My husband was in the spare room due to me having to feed every hour throughout the night. I used to have to have him on me for nap times and was stuck for sometimes hours.


Now my little one sleeps in his own room, from 6.45-6.45 and for 2 naps during the day. 

Becky listened to my concerns and completely understood mine and my babies needs. She is there throughout the process providing support and advice in responding to emails, texts and calls which shows she cares about what she does.


Our family life has now changed for the better and most importantly everyone is sleeping!”


Vicky, Mum to Oscar, 9 months, Portsmouth

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